/ˌkɒlrəˈfəʊbɪə//ˌkəʊlrəˈfəʊbɪə/ noun mass noun rare Extreme or irrational fear of clowns. Origin 1980s: from Greek kōlobatheron ‘stilt’ + -phobia. ========== I cannot imagine having coulrophobia […] Read More


/ˈkatʌɪən/ noun Chemistry A positively charged ion, i.e. one that would be attracted to the cathode in electrolysis. Origin Mid 19th century: from cata- ‘alongside’ […] Read More


/ˌadəˈmantʌɪn/ adjective literary Unable to be broken. ========== José chose an arcane passphrase to use with his RSA encryption software to create an adamantine lock […] Read More


/ˈbaʃəʊ/ noun A sumo wrestling tournament. Origin Japanese, from ba ‘place, occasion’ + shō ‘place, locality’. ========== Marco took a break from the World Cup […] Read More


/ˈɪmpjʊd(ə)nt/ adjective Not showing due respect for another person; impertinent.Origin Late Middle English (in the sense ‘immodest, indelicate’): from Latin impudent-, from in- ‘not’ + […] Read More


/ˈtɒksɪk/ adjective 1 Poisonous. 1.1 Relating to or caused by poison. 1.2 Very bad, unpleasant, or harmful. 2 Finance – Denoting or relating to debt […] Read More


/ˌmʌltɪplɪˈkand//ˈmʌltɪplɪˌkand/ noun A quantity which is to be multiplied by another (the multiplier). Origin Late 16th century: from medieval Latin multiplicandus ‘to be multiplied’, gerundive […] Read More


/ˌɡlɪtəˈrɑːti/ plural noun informal The fashionable set of people engaged in show business or some other glamorous activity. Origin 1950s (originally US): blend of glitter […] Read More


/ˈɔːɡə/ verb [no object]augur well/badly/ill 1 (of an event or circumstance) portend a good or bad outcome. 1.1 with object Portend or bode (a specified […] Read More

toggle switch

/ˈtɒɡ(ə)l/ noun 1 An electric switch operated by means of a projecting lever that is moved up and down. 2 Computing another term for toggle […] Read More