This blog will be about words. It is for fun, at least mine, if not yours.

Each day for several years, I’ve published a word of the day with a sentence or poem to show how I would use the word along with an illustration. It serves as a challenge for me. The Internet offers the possibility that others will join in the fun.

The main online venue for the words has been a forum at The Internet Database of Fiction where an “Appendix” topic, “Word of the Day” was created by the user calling themself Ghost.

In recent years, I assumed the job of preparing a new word for the forum. It had to be a word which had not been featured before, helping to keep the challenge fresh for other participants.

I also post to Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook and a local online news outlet called The Patch.

During the rebuild of my personal server, I decided to add this blog to talk about these words a little more than I do elsewhere.

  • The images for each word of the day are generally released using the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication, CC0 making them free to reuse. Credit to me is appreciated, but not at all required.
  • Any illustration which is not CC0 will be clearly marked. Sharing is a good thing, but please always follow the requirements of licenses used and copyright law.)
  • Comments are welcome. Comments are moderated. It may take a day before your comments get checked, though.