[with object]
1 Formally declare one’s abandonment of (a claim, right, or possession)
1.1 Law no object Refuse or resign a right or position, especially one as an heir or trustee.
1.2 Refuse to continue to recognize or abide by.
1.3 Reject or abandon (a cause, bad habit, or way of life)

Late Middle English: from Old French renoncer, from Latin renuntiare ‘protest against’, from re- (expressing reversal) + nuntiare ‘announce’.

Today, I am here to announce
With no doubt, not an ounce.
Though the ball still bounce
And the cat shall pounce,
This game I shall renounce!


If you wish to peek at the animated version: <>


And, in case you want to see how such an animation can be made, click this link, too:

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