1 Relating to or characterized by anthropomorphism.
1.1 Having human characteristics.Origin
Early 19th century: from Greek anthrōpomorphos (see anthropomorphous) + -ic.


For the record, this anthropomorphic cat has nothing to do with a famous mouse or the corporation bearing his creator’s name.


Please note that this cat, having very un-catlike hands, is entirely my own creation. As such, it bears copyright protections which, in the United States, are automatically assigned to the creator. However, like most of the clipart published here and on my web site are shared with a Creative Commons CC0 license, a dedication of the clipart to the public domain. That means: While I hold creative rights to the original, you, and everyone else in the whole wide universe has my permission to use this image directly or to recreate a remix or to make a comic strip using the character.
Copyright, in the United States, has gotten out of hand. Originally granted as a 14 year protection of the original work, copyright protection has been steadily expanded to include “corporate creators” and to extend 70 years beyond the death of the original creator or the corporate body holding the copyright. And corporations don’t seem to die, they get bought out by another corporation which takes on all the assets. It’s an ugly lock-down of our cultural assets.

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