[with object]
1 Be a sign of; indicate.
1.1 Stand as a name or symbol for.

Connote does not mean the same as denote. Whereas denote refers to the literal, primary meaning of something, connote refers to other characteristics suggested or implied by that thing. Thus, one might say that a word like mother denotes ‘a woman who is a parent’ but connotes qualities such as protection and affection

Late 16th century (in the sense ‘be a sign of, mark out’): from French dénoter or Latin denotare, from de- ‘away, thoroughly’ + notare ‘observe, note’ (from nota ‘a mark’).


“Bleach” denotes the chemical sodium hypochlorite, but it connotes “clean”.


Just for the record, music is not my greatest skill, including reading music from a score, but this much I do know: The following image clearly denotes D notes.

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