1 Made for a particular customer or user.
1.1 Making or selling bespoke goods, especially clothing.

Mid 18th century: past participle of bespeak.


Word of the Day may actually be the antithesis of a bespoke creation. While I might be thinking of just one of you who read these daily things, the Internet makes it available to anybody who cares.


Crafting makes things one at a time, though it may be a duplicate item. One-of-a-kind may not apply. Artworks “might” be unique, but what makes them so is that the artist is confident enough to stop the creation and sell it (or give it away). Even then it is unique only by being the direct product of that particular artist. Think about forgeries of great art. It the forgery is a copy of a known (but lost) work, it might fool the buyer and the buyer’s validator-experts. If it is a forgery which purports to be an unknown, lost work, it might be unique and beautiful in spite of being a fake.
Art is “slippery” stuff.

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