mass noun
A type of Japanese porcelain characterized by asymmetric decoration.

Late 19th century: named after Arita, a town in Japan, where it is made.


Sally felt suitably decadent when she served dinner to 5 guests, each one’s entrée on a different original Arita plate.


Handmade items are intrinsically valuable because they are often one-of-a-kind. It’s like the original piece of art as opposed to the series of prints made afterward, even the “limited numbered and signed editions”.
It strikes me as ironic that I do my illustrations digitally. The very moment I am done, and the file has been saved, my work ceases to be unique. The file, once published could be duplicated and shared and reproduced widely. I use CC-BY attribution licensing for most of my written work and almost all of the illustrations have a public domain declaration (CC0). Unless the work pleases somebody else enough to use it again, my “original” work isn’t valuable at all.
Then again, some artists have been poor their whole lives, maybe even unappreciated. “Value” has to be something other than the price people will pay after an artist is dead.

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