[with object]
1 Recognize or ascertain what makes (someone or something) different.
1.1 differentiate between – no object Identify differences between (two or more things or people)
1.2 Make (someone or something) appear different or distinct.
2 technical Make or become different in the process of growth or development.
3 Mathematics
Transform (a function) into its derivative.Origin
Early 19th century: from medieval Latin differentiat- ‘carried away from’, from the verb differentiare, from differentia (see differentia).


In order to help his customers differentiate between the two fruit, he labeled them “A” and “B”. Some of his customers actually appreciated the help.


Sarcasm sometimes works. Other times it does not.
Online communication, especially the short forms of microblogging on social media can fail to clearly display a sarcastic or humorous intent. Words often have such strong meanings that subtle messages are overridden by the judgment of those who read the tweet or post. The intent of the post’s author may be completely missed.

“Be careful of what you say and how you say it,” he said.
(But did he heed his own advice?)

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