plural noun
Notes written in the margins of a text.Origin
Mid 19th century: from medieval Latin, neuter plural of marginalis, from margo, margin- (see margin).


The character of his life appeared most clearly in the marginalia of his journals.


Keeping a journal has been part of my daily routine for a few years. I don’t expect they will be published, but the entries which go into each day’s file serve me well as notes I want to remember and a visual storage location for the images and the word of the day, all in one place.
My technique begins with Markdown and a text editor. Periodically, I use Pandoc to convert the daily files into a combined html file. I can quickly and easily browse the entries as a web page which loads quickly because it is on my local machine. Pandoc also allows me to convert the html file into ebook format.
The CSS styling options even allow me to add marginalia-styled notes, though, they are clearly not quite the off-the cuff scrawl of notes in the real pages of a book. Besides, these journals are my own. Marginalia really are more often something I would do in a book by someone else, especially a textbook.

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