mass noun
1 Rain containing some ice, as when snow melts as it falls.
1.1 US A thin coating of ice formed by sleet or rain freezing on coming into contact with a cold surface.
[no object]it sleets”, “it is sleeting, etc.
Sleet falls.

Middle English: of Germanic origin; probably related to Middle Low German slōten (plural) ‘hail’ and German Schlosse ‘hailstone’.


Barry prognosticated the precipitation, saying he expected the coast would mainly have sleet and rain. Inland, with lower temperatures, there would be significant snow.


It has been said that the least interesting forecasting job in the US is in California because you can see the weather coming for days, and it varies too little. By contrast, the most interesting forecasting jobs are in New England because the confluence of the warm Gulf Stream waters and the Continental Air masses coming eastward cause an endlessly variable mix of weather. It can change day to day and sometimes hour by hour!

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