1 A round brimless hat with a cockade or ribbons attached, worn by certain Scottish regiments.
2 A heavy laced leather walking boot.

Mid 19th century (in balmoral (sense 2)): named after Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Bob enjoyed his walk through the hills, wearing both his balmoral on his head and a pair of boots which might have qualified, too. He didn’t wear a kilt.


In the winter, I generally wear a buffalo plaid hat with ear flaps to deal with the cold. This winter, it has been very welcome protection. We have had temps in the single digits for a couple of weeks. We are burning through our tanks of oil. Today is expected to be a “heat” wave, reaching 25°F. Of course, as a side “benefit” of the warmth, tomorrow is expected to dump up to a foot of snow on our region. The “good” news is that it will drop to negative ten in the days ahead.
Ah, winter.

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