(of a route or journey) longer than the most direct way.

Mid 17th century: from medieval Latin circuitosus, from circuitus ‘a way around’ (see circuit).


In a vain attempt to be direct, John described the circuitous mental journey which lead to his decision.


Direct from idea to implementation is a fraud. Developing almost everything is a messy process of trial and error. Learning is no different. Even if a curriculum sets out the steps in their most logical order, it assumes each child is at the same point, ready to move from one step to the next. That is rarely true.
Everything in life happens all at once and the bits which attract our attention may not match what attracts the attention of another. We intermittently capture the main thread of a presentation, but may wander off on a tangent, spurred by a word or phrase included in the “direct instruction” of ANY lecture.

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