Dear (used as a form of address)
North American
Charming; delightful.

Early 19th century: from duck.


Everything here is just ducky, Ducky! Thanks for asking.


[[Is this a cheap trick, or am I just an artistic quack?]]


Being interested in many things is a blessing. It is always nice, from my perspective, when I can cross between hobbies. 3D printing and a quick photo by phone allow me to abbreviate the process of doing the word of the day this Sunday. Some of the Inkscape illustrations take quite a while to get “right”.

Everybody speaks the “local” language which is a dialect of the “official” language adopted by a country. Interestingly, the US, famous melting pot does not have an official language. I’m glad. I like English, but appreciate the polyglots using our actual language which combines elements from many other sources.

Ciao. See y’all next time…


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@Algot where I live in England we call everyone Duck. The etymology of this is fascinating.

@Algot It’s rarely used, but it’s still not surprising to hear someone say ‘Alright, Duck?’ in England haha. More of a Northern thing though.

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