North American
Uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous.

Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.


Ruby raced around the house. She was a rambunctious puppy, jumping onto the sofa before bounding to Sarah’s feet and bouncing on hind feet, licking Sarah’s outstretched hands. She raced off again, out the dog door and then, clack, slap, back inside again.



Puppies are on! Then they are off. Racing around for half an hour often leads to a great nap.

Yesterday, the news reported that dogs have twice as many neurons as cats, leading to the conclusion that dogs are “smarter” than cats. However, the report also indicated that raccoons have almost the same number of neurons as primates. Follow-up studies may reveal more.

I am reminded of the “Uplift” series of science fiction novels by David Brin. Good stuff. Highly recommended.

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