1 A joining or merging of different parts or qualities in which the component elements are individually distinct.
1.1 mass noun The process of combining different parts or qualities or the state of being combined.
1.2 A particular arrangement of different elements.
1.3 (in sport) a coordinated and effective sequence of moves.
1.4 as modifier Denoting an object or process that unites different uses, functions, or ingredients.
1.5 Chemistry mass noun The joining of substances in a compound with new properties.
2 A sequence of numbers or letters used to open a combination lock.
3 British A motorcycle with a sidecar attached.
4 combinationsBritish dated A single undergarment covering the body and legs.
5 Mathematics
A selection of a given number of elements from a larger number without regard to their arrangement.

Late Middle English: from late Latin combinatio(n-), from the verb combinare ‘join two by two’ (see combine).

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There are so many possible combinations, it is easy to write something, but far from easy to thoroughly combine all the meanings into one sentence or illustration.

Image Image

It is fun to be able to combine my hobbies. 3D has occupied hours and hours of my days, sometimes dealing with damaged designs. As you will see tomorrow, there were several iterations of the horse used in one of today’s illustrations. This photo shows the first fully successful print. Earlier ones had broken legs or broken noses. (I do not always know what tomorrow’s word will be, but you’ll understand why I chose the word when you see the illustrating photo.)


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