mass noun
1 The action of repeating something that has already been said or written.
count noun
1.1 archaic count noun A piece set by a teacher to be learned by heart and recited.
2 often with negative The recurrence of an action or event.
2.1 count noun A thing repeated.
2.2 count noun A training exercise which is repeated, especially a series of repeated raisings and lowerings of the weight in weight training.
2.3 Music The repeating of a passage or note.

Late Middle English: from Old French repeticion or Latin repetitio(n-), from repetere (see repeat).


Harry didn’t begrudge his colleagues for being loquacious. It was their repetition which brought him down. Every year, the stories told over drinks were the same ones. This year, he was sure he had recognized one of the actual conference presentations!

[The dictionary gave us loquacious today, but ghost used that word back in 2005, and we all know repetition is not allowed!]


We do, of course, repeat words all the time. Words like “the” are heard so frequently that we probably don’t consciously hear them. Still, it’s those gatherings when the same “stories” get told which grate upon us. Some families do it more than others. If you marry into a story-telling family, it can come as a shock, really a shockingly shocking shock!

(By the way, in the above imagined illustration, the driver completely ignored the repetition of signs and blew right through the corner. He was fortunate that the cross traffic was sparse.)

Thanks to all those who have served. You are appreciated 365 days a year.