mass noun – rare
1 Triviality or frivolity.
1.1 count noun – A trivial or frivolous thing or idea.

Late 16th century: from late Latin nugacitas, from Latin nugax, nugac- ‘trifling, frivolous’.


At the world headquarters of “Word of the Day”, our days are filled with  sagacity and nugacity.


[Some of the crowd may recognize the game of Jacks, our frivolous pastime, but its popularity has sadly declined, and some of you might need it identified.]

Jacks was a common game for children in the 1950s when I was young along with pick-up-sticks and marbles. Now it is smartphone, smartphone smartphone.

Update: On the 9th, a day after doing this word, my son suggested I do a set of jacks with the 3D printer.

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