[with object]Psychology
1 Form an idea of; imagine or conceive.
1.1 no object Form ideas; think.

Late 17th century: from medieval Latin ideat- ‘formed as an idea’, from the verb ideare, from Latin idea (see idea).


I sincerely hope no group of educators will ideate that using this word is a good idea. Too many buzzwords as it is.


While recent conversations about education most often discuss the merits of standardized testing, there are attempts being made to help teachers keep a focus on techniques which will let children learn at the same time as the school districts push for higher test scores. There are a whole bunch of buzzwords which have entered the educator’s vocabulary. “Flipped Classroom”, STEM, and way too many others are current jargon. I regret reading them in conference fliers and blog posts.
I really hope educators will avoid “ideate”.

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