/ˈklɪkbeɪt/ noun mass noun informal (on the Internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to […] Read More


/ˈɔːɡə/ noun 1 A tool resembling a large corkscrew, for boring holes in wood. 1.1 A large tool similar to an auger, used for boring […] Read More


/ˈmaməɡʌɪ/ verb [with object]West Indian Try to deceive (someone), especially with flattery or untruths. Origin From Spanish mamar gallo ‘make a monkey of’. ========== Do […] Read More


/ˈav(ə)rɪs/ noun mass noun Extreme greed for wealth or material gain. Origin Middle English: from Old French, from Latin avaritia, from avarus ‘greedy’. ========== Being […] Read More


/ˈrav(ə)nəs//ˈræv(ə)nəs/ adjective 1 Extremely hungry. 1.1 (of hunger or need) very great; voracious. Origin Late Middle English: from Old French ravineus, from raviner ‘to ravage’ […] Read More


/ˈplɛz(ə)ns/ noun A secluded enclosure or part of a garden, especially one attached to a large house. Origin Middle English (in the sense ‘pleasure’): from […] Read More


/ˈratʌɪt/ adjective Ornithology (of a bird) having a flat breastbone without a keel, and so unable to fly. Contrasted with carinate noun Ornithology Any of […] Read More